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  • Website Live News

    The Bird Information Live News online service has just been given a head-to-toe makeover, and with newly-designed graphics we think it's clearer and more user-friendly than ever before. Sightings are linked directly to a number of online mapping services which will quickly show you exactly where you need to be, Read More
  • BirdNet Pager

    Birders on the move have been using pagers since the early 90s, and, despite advances in smartphone technology, their ease of use and reliability have ensured that they still remain the first choice of many birders. We have been providing pagers since 1992 and we now offer service on both Read More
  • Twitter Access

    The Bird Information Twitter Service is one of the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective ways of receiving instant bird news - both in the field or at home. The messages are exactly the same as those that go out on the pager, and they appear on Twitter at exactly the same Read More
  • BirdNet Rarity Pager

    For a more targeted and economical service, try our Rarity Pager. While this level of subscription doesn't deliver the full range of local news provided by our main pager service, it has been designed to be great value-for-money while still providing the news you want on scarce (National), rare and Read More
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Live Messages

1:27pm Little Gull (Swift (Southeast England)
1:21pm Richard's Pipit (Northeast England)
1:19pm Two-barred Crossbill (East Anglia)
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